Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ADRUSHY MK-II, an anti Tank mine

I just read about the ADRUSHY MK-II, an anti Tank mine. I was mightly impressed with what i read and heard, so here is a jist of the same.

It is popularly called as "The Indian Influence Mine"(The Invisible Tank Killer).

The Specialty of this mine is that it doesn't explode if Indian Vehicle unit(Like a Jeep ,truck or even a tank )passes over it, but if an enemy unit passes over it explodes.

The trick behind this mine is that the DRDO scientists have recorded seismic signatures of the vehicles which are unique as our fingerprints or DNA to be precise. If the mine detects an unknown signature it shall explode as it thinks that it is an enemy vehicle.


* Armour Penetration 85 mm causing 'k' kill.

* Full width attack capablity

* Tank trawl discrimination

* Reusable with three field settable SN periods of 10, 40, 80 days.

* Immunity against CLMC blast.

* Electronic cum mechnical safety.

Lenght -- 330 mm
Width -- 240 mm
Height -- 140 mm
Total weight -- 7.6 kg
Explosive -- 2.3 kg
Body -- 10% GRP Polycarbonate
Linear -- Copper
Battery cells -- LiSOCI2(lithium Thino Chloride)

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